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Carpets are not only practical additions for warmth and padding to the interior of a structure, they are also works of art. The earliest known is the Pazyryk carpet, found in a frozen tomb in the Altai Mountains in Siberia, dated to approximately 500 B.C. The Middle East, particularly Iran, has been an important centre of hand-made carpet weaving for hundreds of years. Both elegant “city carpets,” or those made in workshops, and “tribal carpets,” or those made in rural homes, represent the expression of lifeways and artistic traditions.

The Khosrow Carpet from the Persian Sassanian Empire (AD 224 to 651) was woven of silk intertwined with gold and silver threads and embedded with jewels. The famous Ardabil Carpet, dated to 1539-1540, features exquisite weaving and an intricate, balanced design that has been an inspiration to weavers over the subsequent 600 years. Although most carpets today are not so elaborate, antique oriental carpets are an investment and an aesthetic joy to own. Proper care and rug cleaning will extend the life of your carpet for generations to come.

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