Rug Cleaning

As one of the leading rug-cleaning firms, we are dedicated to the complete care of all types of rugs. We will clean your rug quickly, delicately and correctly with the help of the latest technology – no matter what type you have.

Here’s a look at our 10-step rug-cleaning process:

STEP ONE: Documented Pre-Inspection

In this step, we examine your rug, determine its fiber type and catalog the stains. With this information, we will determine the best action for cleaning it, including the process to use and the cleansers.

STEP TWO: Colour Inspection

Once a cleaning solution is selected, we test clean a small section of your rug to ensure it does not react negatively. If there’s any discoloration, we will alert you and try other techniques.


A high-quality vacuum cleaner is used to dislodge any dust particles from the rug.

STEP FOUR: Submersion

Your rug is submerged into our special pool where it’s gently agitated and soaked in a mild solution. This ensures maximum stain removal.

Shampoo And Agitation

STEP FIVE: Shampoo

We use only the highest quality of shampoos to ensure proper cleaning.

Washing Off All Residues

STEP SIX: Residue Removal

Our professionals will wash off any residues from the cleaning process with the help of the latest techniques.

Extraction Of Moisture

STEP SEVEN: Moisture Extraction

We use advanced techniques to remove all moisture from your rug, depending on its type.

Washing Off All Residues

STEP EIGHT: Deodorizing

To rid carpets of odors, we deep clean the problem area with a premium shampoo and use a water-extraction cleaning machine. If the problem persists, we will use an odor-neutralizing enzyme that digests the odor-causing proteins.

Hang Rug To Dry

STEP NINE: Hanging

Because proper moisture extraction is essential, we will hang your rug to ensure it’s completely dry before returning it to your home.

Fringe Correction

STEP TEN: Fringe Correction

For a final finish, we straighten the fringe at the completion of the cleaning process.

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